Amenities Backwards Compatible

The Amenities Backwards Compatible endpoints are intended for users of the legacy Routehappy Scores and Amenities (S&A) API who are not yet prepared to migrate to the upcoming Routehappy API endpoint.

The Amenities Backwards Compatible endpoints provide access to key aspects of the onboard flight experience. These endpoints provides access to content that enables you to offer consumers targeted information when they are shopping for flights. Amenities data is matched to the global flight schedule, covering virtually every flight by cabin for approximately 300 airlines and nearly 100% of all flights worldwide and are translated into more than 25 languages.

The Amenities Backwards Compatible endpoints of the Routehappy API maintain the functionality of the legacy S&A API while improving response speed. Users of the legacy S&A API will be able to use the same request structure and can expect the same response structure from this newer, faster API.

In most cases, we strongly recommend partners use the data returned in the display_text attribute to display on their channels.


The table below contains the URLs for the Gold and Production environments of the Backwards Compatible endpoint's and schemas, respectively.

API Endpoint Schema UPA DS* UTA DS* Amenities DS* Gold Schema N/A N/A Amenities Prod Production Schema N/A N/A Amenities Prod Gold Schema N/A N/A Amenities Prod Production Schema N/A N/A Amenities Prod Gold Schema N/A N/A Amenities Prod Production Schema N/A N/A Amenities Prod Gold Schema Hub Prod ATPCO Subs Prod N/A Production Schema Hub Prod ATPCO Subs Prod N/A

* DS - Data Source within ATPCO from which the system is processing the data it displays.


Just like the legacy S&A API, the Routehappy API includes each of the following Amenities endpoints. The documentation for the Amenities Backwards Compatible endpoints is currently written relative to the /legs endpoint. If you are using the other endpoints today, your existing query will work with the new API. We will add documentation for the other endpoints soon. If you need help with the /segments, /itineraries, or categories endpoints in the meantime, please contact your account manager with questions.

  • GET/POST /legs
  • GET/POST /segments
  • GET/POST /itineraries
  • GET /aircrafts
  • GET /beverages
  • GET /entertainments
  • GET /fresh_foods
  • GET /layouts
  • GET /powers
  • GET /seats
  • GET /wifis
Important Note

The Amenity, Score, and Speed resources have been deprecated in the Amenities Backwards Compatible offering and are not valid inputs.

Standard Categories

The Amenities endpoints can return information about:

  • Aircraft : model type, window size and expected cabin pressure
  • Layout : configuration layout and orientation of seats covering everything from classic layouts to the newest space-saving premium-cabin configurations
  • Seat : the physical seat type for every subfleet in every cabin of the aircraft and the corresponding legroom, pitch, width, and flatness
  • Wi-Fi : wireless internet connection availability, coverage, type, performance and cost (free or for a fee)
  • Entertainment : covers passenger entertainment options and any corresponding charges
  • Power : covers whether AC power outlets, and/or USB ports are available
  • Food : covers food per flight and flight cabin and whether it’s available, for a fee or free. Food is classified as snacks, light meals, and full multi-course meals
  • Beverages : covers alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and whether they’re available, for a fee or free


Our data is researched by our dedicated data team and comes from a diverse set of sources including:

  • Airline data provided directly to ATPCO
  • Airline websites, press releases and social channels
  • Travel blogs and websites (e.g., One Mile At A Time, Crankyflyer)
  • Industry publications (e.g., Aviation Week, Tnooz)
  • Traditional print publications (e.g, Seattle Times, WSJ)
  • Social media (e.g., YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Suppliers (e.g., Thales, Astronics, Recaro)
  • Industry contacts (e.g., contacts with customers, personal contacts)
  • OAG schedule data

Language Translation

Amenities display text is available for the following languages/regions.

Language Language Code Region
Arabic ar (any)
Danish da (any)
Dutch nl (any)
English (Australia) en AU
English (Great Britain) en GB
English (India) en IN
English (Int’l) en (any)
English (USA) en US
Finnish fi (any)
French (Canada) fr CA
French (France) fr (any)
German (Deutschland) de DE
Greek el (any)
Hebrew he (any)
Indonesian id, in (any)
Italian it (any)
Japanese ja (any)
Korean ko (any)
Norwegian no (any)
Polish pl (any)
Portuguese (Brazil) pt BR
Portuguese (Europe) pt (any)
Russian ru (any)
Simplified Chinese zh CN
Spanish (Latin America) es (any)
Spanish (Spain) es ES
Swedish sv (any)
Thai th (any)
Traditional Chinese zh HK, TW
Turkish tr (any)
Vietnamese vi (any)

Units of Measurement

Measurement is dictated by the language/localization indicated. For the U.S. English, all measurements follow the United States customary system (USCS) for units of measurement. For all other languages/localizations, measurements are provided in metric units.